[Early work here]

Grand Prix Parigraph Research Category, France 1988

National Computer Graphics Association, Graduate 3rd, USA 1988

Supreme Award Winner, Computer Animation Film Festival, London 1986

Student Award Winner, Computer Animation Film Festival, London 1986

Thames Television Bursary to the USA 1985

First Place Calcomp International Art Award LA, USA 1985

Creative works: TV broadcasts, exhibits, press media and magazines

Broadcast: PBS, The future in 2025, the Learning Channel and Discovery Channel, October 2001

Magazine: Computer Graphics World, Facial animation head on, 1988

Broadcast: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) The Face Quantum, 1988

Broadcast: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Synthespians, The Wild Wild Web, 1988

Press: Washington Post: User-Friendly? , June 1, 1998

Press: The New York Times: Science Section: Japanese Put a Human Face on Computers, June 28, 1994

Exhibit: The Human Body, Centre Georges Pompidou,France, 1993

Broadcast: BBC2, Antenna, UK, 1992

Broadcast: BBC2 The Human Face, UK, 1991

Exhibit, Les Chemins du Virtuel, Centre Georges Pompidou, France, 1988.

Broadcast: European television center, Ondes de Choc, Metropole, France, 1988

Broadcast: BBC2, Welcome to my world, UK, 1988

Broadcast: Belgian Television, Charbon Velliiers, 1987

Broadcast: BRTV Germany, Computertreff, 1987

Broadcast: BBC2, Micro-Live, UK, 1986/87

Exhibit: Art, Science, and Industry, Imperial College, London, 1986

Exhibit: Thames Television Bursary Exhibition,London, 1986

Exhibit: Electronic Paintbrush, Museum of Science and Industry, LA USA, 1985

Broadcast: BBC2 Debut, UK, 1984

Broadcast: TF1 Eiffel Tower France, 1984