Computer Facial Animation, second edition, Fred I. Parke and Keith Waters. A.K. Peters Ltd., Boston Massachusetts, ISBN 978-1-56881-448-3 Hardcover, pp. 454, 2008

Computer Facial Animation, Fred I. Parke and Keith Waters. A.K. Peters Ltd., Boston Massachusetts, ISBN 1-56881-014-8 Hardcover, pp. 450, 1996

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First and second edition covers

First published in 1995, this book is considered a definitive guide to computer facial animation. This comprehensive work provides the fundamentals of computer facial animation and brings into sharper focus techniques that are mainstream in the industry. Over the past decade, since the publication of the first edition, there have been significant developments by academic research groups and in the film and games industries leading to the development of morphable face models, performance driven animation, as well as increasingly detailed lip-synchronization and hair modeling techniques. These topics are described in the context of existing facial animation principles. The second edition provides an up-to-date source for professionals and academic researchers working in the field of facial animation.

Human facial expression has been the subject of much investigation by the scientific community. In particular the issues of universality of facial expression across cultures and the derivation of a small number of principal facial expressions have consumed considerable attention. The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, published by Charles Darwin in 1872, dealt precisely with these issues and sowed the seeds for a subsequent century to research, clarify, and validate his original theories. The value of this body of work, and of others in this field, requires no explanation in the context of facial animation.