Faceworks [pdf]

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keith waters wireframe keith waters wireframe keith waters remapped
Figure 1 A three dimensional model created from a single image of an individual precisely mapped to a canonical model (left to right). The final image can then be used as a visual surrogate driven from a baseline model

faceworks interface faceworks interface
Figure 2 Canonical geometry layout of the face image within FaceWorks


DIGITAL FaceWorks is a revolutionary set of facial animation technologies for next generation multimedia software applications. A DIGITAL FaceWorks animation contains a 3D synthetic face that accurately synchronizes lip movements and expressions to real speech. The DIGITAL FaceWorks Studio simplifies facial animation development by automatically synchronizing audio, lip movements, expressions, and head movements. Other tools require that you code each attribute and facial animation event individually. DIGITAL FaceWorks software does a significant portion of this work for you, allowing you to create a professional-looking animation quickly and with a minimum of effort.

The DIGITAL FaceWorks software uses streaming media technology from RealNetworks, Inc.

faceworks editor
Figure 2 Time line audio phonetic editor and emotion editor

Figure 3 Re targeting facial expressions in faceworks


DIGITAL FaceWorks Studio The DIGITAL FaceWorks Studio allows you to create a 3D animation from a single 2D image of a face. The FaceWorks Studio transforms your 2D image into a 3D image and then synchronizes an audio track with it. The result is a facial animation in which the face appears to move and speak in a life-like manner.

FaceWorks Player

The DIGITAL FaceWorks Player is the client software that displays the animated face. The player software is integrated with RealNetworks® next-generation RealMedia™ Architecture technology. This technology is used to stream facial animation — synchronized with RealAudio software— across the Internet. The FaceWorks Player is an ActiveX control that you can integrate into web pages. The DIGITAL FaceWorks Player requires installation of the RealNetworks, Inc. RealPlayer™ software, Version 6.0 or greater.