A dynamic skin slab, remixed 2008

Keith Waters


The construction of a three-dimensional skin slab with linear muscle contraction. Orginally developed on using Iris GL this version runs on a MAC using OpenGL. It is highly interactive, allowing the muscles to be positioned and contracted.

skinslab skinslab
Figure 1. The three-dimensional muscle volume lattice with a textured skin surface.

Each unit is based on a hexahedral element that represent the epidermis, which in turn is attached to the subsurface.

Figure 2. The muscle fiber vectors (red) attachments to the subsurface mid-layer.

The muscle fibers themselves contribute to the dynamic system.

skinslab skinslab skinslab skinslab
Figure 3. A sequence of frames illustrating a single muscle contraction from the center to the top left.

Notice that the increacing defomration causes buckling and creasing of the surface as the elements preserve their volume strucutre.